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A sauna-inspired bathroom/pool room?prioritises function and style to create a beautiful new addition

Macayla Chapman (co-founder and designer of Bird &; Knoll), George Chapman, Olly, and Indierustic pillow covers, plus Broccoli Bunny and cats Chico and Lola.

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Having recently completed a pool and outdoor area addition, it made sense to add a bathroom/change room to service the pool and to avoid people having to walk through the house to go to the bathroom. Our brief was to create a functional space to service the pool and home office.

We wanted a sauna-like aesthetic and the only other specification was that I wanted the toilet to be the closest thing to the door so, when coming from the pool, you didn’t need to walk through the entire bathroom. The whole project took roughly three months. Consents were required as this was a new bathroom addition; our architect, Andrew Meiring, took care of all of that for us.

Being the first bathroom I’ve ever created from scratch, it was a pretty exciting project for me. Everything is very simple and minimal. Andrew, our architect, loves to work with wood so he designed a horizontal, panelled cedar wall, which is absolutely stunning. Because the space is quite small we used a full floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall and this opens up the space significantly and reflects the cedar wall.

Due to my job, I’m on Pinterest and social media a lot and come across beautiful images of things all the time. I spent hours trawling for pool and outdoor-area ideas. We had the pleasure of working with the most amazing team of builders from Greg Batt’s Living Structures – everything was so easy and they were so skilled and professional.

TOTAL (approx): $30-$40,000

Caroma bathroom fittings from Reece; paint Resene ‘Black White’; Artceram basin from Robertson; natural slate tiles from Artedomus; cedar shelving and seat custom made by Living Structures; mirror and shower glass from Euroglass; toilet from Mitre 10.

Words by: Annick Larkin; Photography by: Emma MacDonald.

2016 has been kinda rough. Which means now, more than ever, it’s super important to focus on the positives. And we can’t think of a better, more mood-enhancing activity than preparing for the holiday season. And nothing says “IT’S THE HOLIDAYS!” like super cute fireplace decorations!

When I was younger, I remember being entertained for hours with sewing cards – simple chipboard shapes with punched holes and a length of string. I would practice sewing for hours! I thought it would be a fun activity for my kids too, and?perfect for practicing hand/eye coordination. I looked and looked, and couldn’t find any sewing cards! So I did what any crafter would do – I?made my own wooden sewing projects for kids!

With a self-described ‘granny chic’ interior style and a penchant for upcycling furniture it’s no wonder this cottage is filled with cosy charm