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To simply create a unique look or to create a specific design feature; commissioning a hand painted piece of wall art is an indulgent, individual and bespoke addition to your home. From a delicate border or motif to a three hundred and sixty degree mural the effect and impression this has on your design scheme is entirely up to your tastes. Consequently, this article will take you through the process of designing and commissioning wall art whilst also inspiring you with some of the most effective and contemporary styles.

The Man for the Job

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Unless you have an artistic flare it is recommended that you hire a mural artist to design and execute your ideas. Firstly do some research using the internet to find an artist with the style and experience to suit your requirements. Most artists will provide a free design consultation where you will discuss your ideas and brief and enable them to view the wall and room in question. Following this they will provide you with a quotation and design sketch. If happy you can then proceed. Be sure to listen to your artist as they are experienced in creating an aesthetically pleasing piece that works well with the sizerustic pillow covers, proportions and colours in the room. Similarly, however, be sure to hold the reins and decide on a style and idea that suits your requirements and overall taste.

Decisions Decisions

Although the design and style of the wall art is entirely your choice many people have the misconception that wall art is dated or somewhat cliché. This however does not have to be the case. A simplistic and very minimalist design can be used in the most modern home to add a design element and soften the hard, edgy lines created by other furniture. Similarly, bold retro floral patterns mimicking the effect of wallpaper can look really effective.

In more traditional homes more classical pieces are often more successful and can create a grand and elaborate finish. Consider smaller motifs of statues or larger landscape murals. Or, why not create a real wow factor and have an elaborate design painted on your ceiling in line with the period of your property. Please note; this choice is most impressive in rooms with high ceilings as it can have the effect of enclosing the space.

Finally, one of the most effective and ideal places to commission a mural is for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Whether it is a magical wonderland from their imagination or a scene depicting their favourite characters, a mural brings a child’s thoughts and fantasies to life on their wall. Dependant on the size of their room; decide whether to have a complete mural or a selection of smaller motifs. Add to this coordinating bedding and curtains for the ultimate in kid’s bedroom design.

Whatever your individual requirements and whatever your design ideas; be sure to take full advantage of the opportunity to create a truly unique style and piece of art for your home.

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