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We love to do exchanges, support our team and do fun things that keep us creating. ?We just finished up a postcard challenge that let us send postcards?around?the world. ?It was fun to see them flying around, posts of crew members sending them, receiving them and enjoying a surprise in?the mail. ?Postcards do not need an envelope, just a simple stamp and address and off they go. ?Barb started this fun?challenge and the rest is history. ?Barb Housnerrustic pillow covers, a member of “;the Crew”; loves to do Postcard Exchanges and shares with us to two postcards she created. ?If you have not done an crafty exchange before, maybe this is the one?for you. ?

“;I have been designing postcards for exchanges and I wanted to use the Tattered Angels paints on some postcards. Postcards are something different to send to friends and family and the challenge is to keep them flat so they can go through the mail. Of course, you always pray they will make it in one piece.”;

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Here are a few resources that might help get you started:

Good Reads –; The Post Card Exchange?–;?Yay Postcards! We are an International group of people who love reading and mail. Please join our monthly postcard exchange! Newbies Welcome!

Post Crossings –;?It’;s a project that allows anyone to receive postcards (real ones, not electronic) from random places in the world.

Postcard Collective –;?Motivated by an intrinsic human desire to share experience, our mission is to build and maintain a network of individuals who seek to share their art with each other in the form of postcards, to open up a direct line of communication between artists, and to promote a sense of camaraderie and connectedness throughout the Collective.

Some of the sites are simply about the exchange?and?others bring the handmade creative postcards into play, so find the right group for you and enjoy making, sending and receiving great postcards.

Here are a few of the postcards that traveled around the world. ?Be inspired to start your own exchange.

You can write, sew, glue, paint, stamp, sticker…;.it will go through the mail –; how fun is that.

?Create them at a standard 4″;x6″; to take advantage of the postcard postage and make sure everything is glued down well!!!

Materials Used:

The naturally aged kits come with full color instructions –; Jaine walks you though how easy they are do to and the look is awesome –; wood on paper, how cool is that.

Materials Used:

Color it in with High Impact Paint and Mist Paint.


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