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Looking to turn your bed into a work of art? Interior Stylist Lara Hutton shares with us her advice on making an art bed work in your home.

An art bed is the ultimate showstopper, so it’s essential to let it be the hero of the room. Keep everything else pared back and styled simply to allow the beauty of the art bed be the main focal point.

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It can be as simple as a bedside table, a minimalistic lamp and basicrustic pillow covers, refined pieces to go on the bedside table.

When styling the rest of the room for your art bed, keep the walls and art as subtle background elements to ensure there is no visual competition or confusion. Simplistic artworks such as line drawing will work best.

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Select a block coloured cushion and throw to style on your art bed, another print will just be fighting for the spotlight.Styling an art bed requires a delicate balance and it's key to not take away from the focus.

Texture is always high on my recommended list - so ideally it will be plain, block colour cushions and a throw to pair back with the art bed.


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If you love to flip through our catalog, you’ve probably noticed that we love to mix and match different bedding collections together. It’s a fun way to bring pattern and personality into your bedroom, without creating a busy space where your mind won’t be able to rest. That’s why?when we’re designing our bedding collections, we take care to coordinate all of the colors so they can work together.

For months I’ve been waiting for our outdoor dining chairs to arrive so I could share the room, but even without, we’ve been using it frequently by pulling our kitchen or dining room chairs in. I can’t resist a beautiful evening dining al fresco. When we purchased the home, I wasn’t sure if the screened porch or the deck would be the outdoor dining room. The screened porch is actually 3 rooms from the kitchen while the connected deck is off of the breakfast room. We decided to take advantage of the screens to eliminate the risk of bugs and made a slight accomodation in the room to make eating there more convenient – a ?buffet!

1. Remove everything & start fresh. It’s amazing what you find when you start by removing it all – even if by one section at a time. I discovered that I no longer wanted/needed a lot of what was in my closet. Clothes that no longer fit my body or style, things that don’t belong there {like baby dolls!} I love Apartment Therapy’s tip to see what you’re really wearing…flip your hangers around & after a month remove anything with areversed hanger.