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Our last post for this week looks at interior design ideas for using white in children's bedrooms. White makes a wonderful blank canvass for you to work on and although white may seem like every parent's worse nightmare in a children's bedroom the end results will show you just how flexible and adaptable white can be.

Traditional Interiors: Traditionally styles for children's bedrooms include white, with many people choosing white to create a princess styled bedroom rather than the customary pink. I think it would be fair to say that the colour scheme in a child's bedroom should reflect the personality and type of child who's using it. You may want your little girl to be a princess but if she's a Tom boy then she won't be over enamoured with your choice of theme. It's not only girl's bedrooms which can be white; boys rooms can also use white, more especially if the colour is associated with a hobby or interest; for examplerustic pillow covers, many football teams have white included in the strip.

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Modern Interiors: White teamed with bright colours offers a chic and stylish way to decorate a modern interior; again using white as the predominant colour you can add a variety of bold colours to create a 'cool' room for children. White curtains can be paired with a coloured blackout roller blind or the roles can be reversed with red, blue or teal curtains being used in conjunction with white blinds. Bedding can also be white and by using bright bedding accents, such as bed throws, pillows and blankets, a cheerful and 'happy' atmosphere can easily be achieved. By using white you also give yourself freedom to change the accent colours to keep up with the latest colour trends without having to redecorate the entire room. Bright accessories and soft furnishings are inexpensive to replace or change as your child grows out of one colour and 'loves' another!

Contemporary Interiors: As we've seen throughout this weeks posts, contemporary interiors are typically white and this includes children's bedroom. Funky and fun elements can be added to give the room a trendy vibe, along with all the gadgets which contemporary interiors cry out for. We hope you've enjoyed looking at our interior design ideas using white; it's a flexible and adaptable colour which looks superb in all styles of homes. Join us next week when will be offering some more ideas for you to use in your home this year.

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