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Let’s be honest, before you get to escape to that white sand, blue sky and clear waters paradise or bustling, historic city break, there’s a lot of things to organise. You might have booked 6 months ago, but the week before you leave is where the real work happens.

Endless list-making, frantic weather forecast checking, last minute bits and pieces shopping are just a few of the burdens falling upon the soon-to-be-holidayer. You’ll pack. You’ll re-pack. You’ll cry inside when you realise you can’t take your entire wardrobe, no matter how small you fold everything.

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Then there’s the airport…; Holding your breath while your checked luggage is weighed, and passing through security, hoping your trousers don’t fall down when you have to remove your belt. We can’t help you with that one, but we can help you find the right luggage.

First offrustic pillow covers, ask the obvious, size-determining questions:

? How long are you going for? Important for counting how many pairs of socks you’ll need.

? How are you travelling? Does your case need to be car-boot compatible or overhead cabin storage-stowable.

Once you’;ve figured out the size you think you need, considerthese things too…;

The basics ofair travel

We’re sure you know these, but just a reminder:

? Check with your travel provider for luggage size and weight guidance.

? Airline allowances are more generous for checked-in luggage than cabin luggage, but there are still restrictions.

? If you exceed your airline’s checked luggage limit, they’ll charge you extra. No-one likes unexpected non-fun spending.

? If you exceed your airline’s hand-luggage limit, they’ll make you check it in. Not only will you be charged, you’ll also be separated from any in-flight entertainment or comforts you’ve packed, and spend time you haven’t accounted for, waiting at the baggage carousel.

? Hand luggage liquids must be in containers of 100ml or less, and cannot exceed a total volume of 1L. Anything breaking these rules will be taken away from you!

Cabin fever

If a bag is labelled as cabin appropriate, the dimensions will fit within most airline hand luggage limitations. A lot of airlines limit cabin luggage to dimensions around 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, but weight allowance is much more varied, so make sure you check with your individual airline!

Save yourself from ‘I’ve lost my passport’ panic by getting a cabin case with an external zip pocket to stash you passport, boarding pass and itinerary.

Embrace your softer side

They’re the most common and most popular choice, probably because the more flexible sides mean the chance to stuff a few more souvenirs or duty-free bargains in your case. A soft sided case will also handle accidental falls and knocks better than a hard case, which can sometimes crack on impact.

Hot wheels

You definitely benefit from wheels if you’re going to be lugging your luggage any distance. Most suitcases come with wheels as standard, thankfully, so even if you think they’re not needed for your little carry-on, you might be grateful to be able to drop the weight from time to time.

? 2 wheels:2 wheeled suitcases are pretty standard issue. They’re good for a quick tilt and wheel motion, and while you’ll still feel some of the weight, it will be far less than carrying your bag. 2 wheeled suitcases can be a little tricky to manoeuvre if you’re turning a corner (take it slow!), and there’s also the chance you’ll trip someone over with your luggage tail, but they suit most needs.

? 4 wheels:If you want to minimise how much weight you feel as you pull, 4 wheels is the way forward. And backwards. And side to side. Because of the way the wheels are mounted on 360° rotating casters at the bottom end of the case, you can move it in any direction, and change direction without needing a turning circle.

Can you handle it?

Hand in hand with wheeled suitcases (or should that be handle in hand) is the extending and retracting bit that makes pulling your case possible and practical. Take it from us, the push-button telescopic handles variety is preferable as it won’t slide out or collapse unless you want it to. A couple of simple grab handles are great too, for when you want to pull your case from a cabin, car, or out of the path of families hurrying towards departure gates.

Weight and see

There will always be times when you, a taxi driver, or airline staff are going to need to lift the case, so taking a lighter approach will always be better. If you’re planning on packing everything but the kitchen sink, a lightweight suitcase might help you claw back a couple of pounds to meet weight restrictions.

Always check with your airline to find out your baggage weight allowance for both hand luggage and checked-in luggage. If you arrive with too much in tow they will either charge you for the excess or might even ask you to remove items.

Crime doesn’t pay (especially if you’;re the target)

No-one wants to think about being a victim of crime, especially on holiday, but tourists can be an easy and lucrative target for the criminally minded. A robust looking lock might just give them pause for thought, and also means your case won’t accidentally spill its contents if the zip gets nudged.

Eyes on the prize

Identifying your case is easy…; until you need to spot it on the baggage carousel! Do whatever it takes to make your case recognisable. If you can’t bear to part with your elegant black case, add something distinctive to the outside, like a brightly coloured luggage strap, eye-catching luggage label, or even a couple of stickers on either side. Whatever works! Discreetly add your name and address to your bag too, that way if the worst happens and you become separated, it’s got a fighting chance of coming back to you.

Top Packing Tips

? Always make a list. Make several lists if need be. One for hand luggage, one for your suitcase. Use the list to plan outfits so you only take as much clothing as you’ll actually need to cover the time you’re away. Once you’re done listing and ready to start packing, tick everything off your list as you add it to your bag. Then you won’t have to rummage around to check.

? Roll your clothes. It saves space, stops creasing and means an ironing-free holiday. Yay!

? Use every inch. The inside of shoes is a great spot to stash your socks or other small items.

? Wrap liquid bottle lids in tape. If you’re particularly cautious, remove the lids from the bottles and apply a layer of clingfilm over the neck before replacing the lids and taping closed.

? Don’t forget to take an adaptor plug for each electrical item. Taking a single adaptor will seem like a space saver, but you may want to use two devices or appliances at the same time.

? Buy luggage scales to check your bag weight before heading to the airport. They’re an inexpensive way to avoid a potentially expensive excess-weight charge!

Now you’;ve got it all figured out, you canfind your perfect suitcase! >;

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