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2019-09-16 07:19:56 custom gift for Anniversary

Hello, crafty friends! Marie here again on the blog with a super quick project that is perfect for the upcoming Valentine’;s Day or for any occasion where you want to give some treats away! I made these treat bags with just a few craft items I have on hand, and the Canvas Corp kraft cardstock was perfect for this project!

To begin this project, I took my 12×;12 piece of Kraft cardstock and cut it into 3 equal sized strips. Then, I took those strips and scored them down to create the basic body of my treat bag. Since my strip of paper was 12″;rustic pillow covers, I scored at the 11″; line which left 1″; to be folded over the top as the closure flap. Then, I scored the remaining 11″; in half, so one score line at 5.5″;. Then, to create a wider base, I also scored at 5″; and at 6″;.

baby pillows

All the scoring is shown in the video above, so if the written text seems confusing, please take a look at the video for more detail on the scoring part!

After my strips of paper were scored down and folded, I needed to punch some holes in the top in order to thread my Jute Cord through. I made sure to line up the holes on the closure flap, as well as the piece that folds underneath. Then, I took my plastic treat bags and measured them against my scored and folded kraft bags. My plastic bags were too tall, so I simple trimmed them down to fit inside the kraft bags.

Then, I filled the plastic bags with several pieces of chocolate candies, and then stapled the top of the plastic bag to the kraft cardstock side that folds under the top flap. It’;s important to staple it to the underneath piece, so that you wont see the staples once your bag is folded closed. It just makes for a more finished look!

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