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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! Bonnie from Beautiful on the Inside wanted to create a special space for her daughter. What better way to personalize a room than to paint a stencil design.? Creating an accent wall is very easy and you can get the look of designer wallpaper with our interlocking wallpaper stencils.? We are excited to share a fun bedroom makeover using one of our popular geometric patterns, the Kerala Allover Stencil.? Let’;s take a look.

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We’;d like to introduce Bonnie, a creative painter from?St. Charlesrustic pillow covers, Missouri, the owner of Beautiful on the Inside, and the loving mama to three little girls.? Bonnie’;s oldest daughter is a lovable little tween with a great personality.? Like most tweens, she can be found hanging out in her bedroom.? Her bedroom had white walls and didn’;t reflect her vibrant character.? Here is what the bedroom looked like before the makeover.

Bonnie set out to banish those white walls and give her daughter’;s bedroom a stenciled face-lift.?? She had her husband whisk her daughter away while she got to work. The first thing she did was tape off a chair rail. Then she painted the lower section in an aqua blue hue and the top section in a citrus green color.? This bold color choice immediately gave the space a pop of personality.? Next it was time to add a playful pattern to an accent wall near the bed.? Painted wall designs are a simple and affordable way to add pattern and depth to a room.? She browsed our large collection of Geometric stencils and fell in love with the Kerala Allover Stencil, a new geometric Indian stencil.

After the walls were painted and she had her Kerala Stencil in hand, she was ready to kick off her stenciling project!? She chose to paint the Indian wall pattern in a lime green and aqua paint color over the white wall.? She used blue painter’;s tape to hold the stencil in place while she painted the pattern using a dense foam roller.

After painting one section, she would un-tape the stencil and reposition it to stencil a new section. She did this until the pattern was complete on the accent wall.? You’;ll notice that Bonnie used the clip-on stencil level to ensure the pattern was properly lined up on the wall. She found this stencil tool to be extremely helpful with her project.

Once the whole wall was stenciled,? Bonnie moved her daughter’;s bedroom decor back into place.? Then she had her husband bring her in for the big reveal. Are you ready to see how it all turned out?

Along the taped chair rail, Bonnie added subtle gray arrows using the Indian Arrows Stencil.

Bonnie had this to say about her stencil project, “;It was a labor of Love, but I must say (and I may be biased) but it’;s my finest work yet! Love the two toned stenciled wall and the the stripe of gray arrows through the chair rail! Such an awesome detail!”;

And here is a close-up of her stenciled wall.? We love the two tone look paired with this Indian stencil design!

Tell us, what color would you stencil the Kerala Allover Stencil pattern? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and The Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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