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On a tight decorating budget? On worries, a lot of other people have found themselves in the situation and have solved decorating issues for you. We bring you 10 of the best tried and tested ways to make your home look chic and stylish on the smallest of budgets.


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Go bright and choose a variety of different patterns to create your own bespoke look.


Make your own curtains or blinds; choose family pieces and turn them into pieces of art.


Make your own soft furnishings- it's a cheap and effective way of using old fabrics – denim is a robust fabric that can used used for all manner of home handicraft projects.


Keep it simple and you'll find you have a chic interior that didn't cost a fortune to furnish or decorate.


Wall decals and wall decorations can be more economical than wall papers and give a little more character than a plain wall.

6. Seasonal flowers are a great way to brighten your senses; bringing colour into your home throughout the year.


Rugs are ideal for creating a cosy comfort; covering unsightly marks and stains on carpets or wooden flooring.


Making your own headboard is a great way to save money and give your bedroom a look.

9. Choose cheap furniture you love and give it a lick of paint – it will look as good as new in no time at all.

10. Use mirrors to make your rooms look larger and airier.

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rustic pillows for couch