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Every super-awesome kid deserves a super-awesome bedroom – but it has to be easy on the pocket as well as on the eye. Try this Batman-themed cave on for size

Most kids go through a phase of wanting a totally themed bedroom. Whether it’s their most-revered superhero or a cartoon character from their favourite TV show, they all seem to fall in love with a character and want it everywhere – especially in their room or play area.

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But for a lot of parents, the idea of a themed room doesn’t sit well, particularly if you’ve carefully developed a certain look and feel in your home and don’t want to diverge from it.

We all want our children to love their rooms and feel free to express their personalities there – but at the same time we’d prefer an adaptable decorative scheme that could be tweaked over time without having to be totally redone.

The simple solution is to stay clear of a fully themed room yet still create a space which is unique to the child and includes their favourite characters. The key is subtlety – bring in Batman via accessories, and then you can usher him out easily when the love affair has passed.

In this boy’s room we have opted for a graphic Resene paint feature in black and pale grey which could see him through from toddler to teen. We have added a few key accessories – such as the Batman lightshade, coat hanger, blanket, mat and pillowcases – which make the room feel like it’s got an overall theme, but it can all be changed out surprisingly easily.

Paint entire wall in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen ‘Nero’. Once dry, measure?1.6m from the floor and tape a horizontal line around the room at this height, using painter’s masking tape. Each grid is 15cm wide x 9cm high; tape all the vertical lines first, at 15cm intervalsrustic pillows for couch, then tape the horizontal lines at 9cm intervals. Paint the grid part of the wall in Resene Low Sheen SpaceCote ‘Mystic’; you will need at least two coats. Once dry, peel off the tape to reveal the grid effect. Your child can also use these walls as a blackboard space to draw their own comic strips with chalk and wipe them off!

Randomly stick some bat wall decals to a plain white lampshade, pressing edges down firmly. Paint lightshade using a Resene testpot of black paint. Leave to dry overnight then peel off decals. At night, when the light is on, the bat shapes will be projected around the room!

Grid fitted sheet, $39.95, triangle fitted sheet, $24.95, and grid pillowcase, $16.95, all from Cotton on Kids; Little Pop Studio Batboy pillowcase, $34, from Tea Pea; Kapow pillowcase, $16 (part of set), from The Warehouse; black fitted sheet, $24 (part of set), geo print cushion, $10, metallic knitted cushion, $12, and Batman T-shirt, $12, all from Kmart; Burrow and Be blanket, $150, from Little Mash; bat hook, $8.99, from Shut The Front Door; felt superhero mask, $7, fabric light bulbs, $22 each, and superhero soft toy, $12, all from Little Whimsy; bat coat hanger, $13, from Little Mash; locker, $55, and Pow bluetooth mini tower, $35, both from Kmart; Basse chair, $129.95, from Mocka; Snow drum lightshade, $39.95, from Freedom; bat wall decals (for lightshade), $45, from Shut The Front Door; ‘Super awesome kid’ framed print, $8, and lightning bolt marquee light, $12, from Kmart; Misery Guts mat, $139, from Tea Pea. Other props, stylist’s own.

Words by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photos by: Melanie Jenkins.

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