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If you want to go natural this year be inspired by nature! There's plenty of fabulous ways to bring festive cheer into your home without having to traipse around the high street. Put on your walking boots and head-off into the countryside to find all manner of natural goodies you can use to decorate your home. ?

Spruce One of the classical trees used during the festive season fresh spruce trees, wreaths and garlands can all be made from fresh spruce.

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Pine Cones There are so many ways you can use pine cones during the festive period. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on the type of pine tree. Little or large, they can be transformed into little Christmas elves, reindeerrustic pillows for couch, used in tale display wreaths and garlands.

Holly This prickly little plant is a quintessential part of Christmas. Some adore the traditional green and red colour combination, while others use holly for its religious connotations. Sprigs can be placed on tables, across mantle shelves or tucked into the corner of your pictures. There are lots of way to use holly, finding it complete with luscious red berries will be the challenge!

? ? Ivy The classic accompaniments to holly is ivy. They work well together, but if you don't want the prickles of holy you can use ivy on its own to create a beautiful

natural seasonal display.

Berries Berries make stunning decorations, especially red berries. They can be used in wreaths and displays or on their own to make a statement piece that smacks of the season without beg tacky.

Twigs The use of natural twigs is becoming increasingly popular. Use them to make trees as stand alone display pieces, as tree decorations or as part of a garland.

Dried Fruit &; Spices Tree ornaments, wreaths or simply piled into a large bowl, dried fruits and spices bring a homely, warmth to your festive décor. Stud fruit with star anise or cloves to fill your room with natural aromas associated with Christmas time.

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Paper Some may argue that paper is made by man and therefore not wholly natural. Either way it can be used to create stunning decorations.

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Straw Filled with rustic and Scandinavian charm, straw ornaments and wreaths are perfect for a natural Christmas style.

Wood Wood is the ideal medium if you like making your own decorations. It can be used to make simplistic tree ornaments, wreaths and of course trees.

Fresh Fruit Fresh fruit has to be the easiest way to create a festive decoration. Simply fill a bowl with citrus fruits and they'll add colour to your room. For the more adventurous, smaller fruits such as kumquats, can be threaded and interspersed with bay to make a stunning wreath style hanging decoration.

Mistletoe Adopt a Pagan tradition and hang a sprig of mistletoe in your home, stand with lips posed waiting to be kissed! or make a simple wreath to hang on your front door.

Nuts A Christmas staple that everyone has and rarely eats! Turn your nuts into decorative wreaths or tree ornaments, or put them in a bowl and any that aren't eaten can be used for your 'in progress' craft projects for next year!

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