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Hi, I’;m Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms and am so happy to be back to share my Easter Bunny Mini with ya’;ll! This sweet little quilt finishes at 12 1/2″; x 14″; and makes a great a table topper that can be sewn and quilted in an afternoon.

I used My Happy Place fabric for Contempo Studio of Benartex to make this sweet Easter Bunny Mini.

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(6) 2 1/2″; x 1 1/2″; N rectangles (2) 2 1/2″; x 2 1/2″; O squares (4) 1 1/2″; x 14 1/2″; P strips (2) 1″; x 8 1/2″; K strips (1) 1″; x 5″; J strip (2) 1″; x 2″; I strips (2) 1″; x 1″; E squares (20) 1 1/4″; x 1 1/4″; C squares (1) 1 1/2″; x 5″; L strip (4) 1 1/2″; x 1 1/2″; B squares (16) 1″; x 1″; H squares

(2) 2″; x 4 1/2″; G rectangles (1) 5″; x 5 1/2″; A rectangle (1) 4″; x 3 1/2″; F rectangle

(2) 2 1/2″; x 3 1/2″; M rectangles (2) 2 1/4″; x WOF binding strips

(2) 2 1/2″; x 3 1/2″; M rectangles

(2) 2 1/2″; x 3 1/2″; M rectangles (1) 1″; x 3″; D rectangle

Using a marking pencil, draw diagonal lines on the wrong side of all the H, C and B squares.

The Reverse Pattern Foot with clear sole #34D is one of my favorites, with an easy to see clear sole and red markings perfect for accurate stitching on traced lines!

Place C squares, wrong side down, on the upper left and right corners of an M rectanglerustic pillows for couch, and H squares on the bottom left and right corners. Sew on the drawn line, trim the excess fabric leaving a 1/4″; seam allowance, and press the triangles out. Repeat for a total of 2 orange, 2 pink and 2 green eggs.

Install a?Patchwork Foot with guide #57?on your machine and use a 1/4″; seam allowance for all the piecing.

Gather the six N rectangles, the two O squares, and the four P strips and assemble the left and right columns following the diagram below.

Start by sewing the eggs, N and O pieces together, then sew the P strips to the left and right edges; press all seams to the tone-on-tone fabric. Make one left and one right egg columns.

Let’;s begin with the left ear: sew a B square, wrong side down and on the traced line, onto the top left corner and a C square onto the bottom left corner of a G rectangle; trim the excess fabric leaving a 1/4″; seam allowance and press the triangles out. Now sew H squares onto the top and bottom right corners, trim and press; repeat the process following the diagram below to make the right ear.

Sew I strips to the top of the ear units. Sew the ear units to the left and right edges of the J strip; press to J.

To make the bunny’;s face, sew four C squares onto the corners of the F rectangle, trim the excess fabric and press the triangles out.

For the body, sew two B squares to the top and two C squares to the bottom corners of the A rectangle, trim and press triangles out.

For the bunny collar, sew E squares to the left and right edges of the D strip; press to E.

Follow the diagram below to assemble the bunny column: sew the ears (G) to the top edge of the face (F), and the collar (D) to the bottom edge of the face; press to F. Sew the two K strips to the left and right edges of the ears/face/collar unit; press to K. Sew the L strip to the bottom edge of the body (A); press to L. Sew this unit to the upper unit to make the bunny column.

Sew the three columns together and press to the eggs columns.

Straight-line quilting is so easy and the results are fantastic.?I quilted the mini on my BERNINA Q 24 longarm using the Ruler foot #96 and a straight ruler, and spaced the quilting lines about 1/2″; apart.

Make a quilt sandwich with the backing fabric, batting and quilt top, and quilt as desired.

To add a hanging sleeve follow Step 6 in my Winter Table Topper post found here.

Bind your mini with the (2) orange?2 1/4″; x WOF binding strips.

Have you ever made pompoms with yarn? If not, you’;ll love it!

This is what you need to make the bunny’;s pompom tail:

I found this “;fur”; yarn at my local big-box store, perfect for the fuzzy tail.

First, fold the 8 1/2″; x 11″; piece of paper three times to measure 2 3/4″; x 4 1/4″;.

Cut a slit on the middle, stopping about an inch from one end and use a little tape to hold the cut sections together.

Cut a piece of yarn 8″; long and set it aside.

Loosely wrap the yarn around the paper.

Slide the 8″; piece of yarn?through the slit in the paper and around the wrapped yarn and tie it together.

Remove the wrap from the paper, hold the pompom from the tie tails, and give it a shake.

Use fabric scissors to give it a “;haircut”;.

Isn’;t this fun?

Attach the pompom tail onto the mini with a coordinating thread, sewing through the center of the pompom.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny project and will share pictures of your Easter Mini in the WeallSew Community page!



How much fabric to buy? It depends on your size and your height.? I bought about 2 yards of fabric, just to be sure to have enough (because you’ll see below you have to cut out good sized circles).? I am pretty tall and wanted it long enough… I made my shirt with a 3/4 sleeve.? You could make yours sleeveless, short sleeve, whatever.? But 2 yards worked for me.. . .

Last week my mom sent me a crafty care-package. Yes, my mother still sends me care packages, how great is that?? Included was a fabric bowl from my childhood home as inspiration and 12 yards of 1/2″ piping cord. I had no excuse! I had to whip up a Scrap-Busting Fabric Bowl. Here’s what you do…Gather ye scraps. I used shades of green with a few pops of peach and blue. Less than a yard total worth of scraps.

Robert and I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with the amazing Stephen Eichhorn, a Chicago-based artist.?Stephen’s work is exceptional in that it is primarily collage, using pages from books and magazines – all entirely hand cut with precision. Looking at his works in person one can hardly believe they are not paintings or photographs; they are entirely rich, layered in complexity and perfect in composition.