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Don’;t forget to join in on the Virtual Costume Parade this year!? I know some of you are still making your costumes..……but once they’;re finished, upload your images to the YOU Made It and LOVE It Flickr account.? Then, I will grab them from that account and will share them here TOMORROW!!!? (The deadline to get the pictures uploaded to flickr is tonight.? Around midnight (MST) or so…;? Deal??

. . . . .

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I meant to post this a few days ago…;..but some of you have been asking to see the whole ‘;Tangled’; crew together.

Well…;…;.here you go!

(If this is your first time here or if you haven’;t been around in a while…;…;..there are full DIY tutorials for all three costumes here: Rapunzel, Flynn Riderrustic pillows for couch, and Pascal.)

And in case you’;re wondering…;…;..these three are the silliest of friends!

However, it hasn’;t always been that way.

You see, this Flynn guy was actually a thief on the loose.? ((Boo. Hiss.))

He was shocked when the castle’;s guards figured out it was he, who had stolen the princess’; crown.

Flynn was worried that people would recognize him, so he tried removing every last “;wanted”; poster throughout the land.

However, he missed one.

And Rapunzel and Pascal were completely confused by it.

Rapunzel had trusted Flynn…;…;so she was pretty angry with him when she realized it was him on this poster.

He denied all accusations…;…;but Rapunzel still didn’;t believe him.? And pulled out her most powerful weapon of all:

While Flynn was knocked out on the ground, Rapunzel had a heart to heart with Pascal…;..and they decided they should probably give this Flynn guy another chance.

So they set off to wake him…;.and tell him the great news!

See?? He’;s not such a bad guy after all.? (And haha…;.Pascal’;s got some killer dance moves!!)

And that’;s how these guys became great friends!

?**Yeah, the story line’;s off a bit…;..just go with it! :)

And, like years past (and the biggest reason it has taken me ALL day to post this…;…;.ack!!)

…;…;…;a video.?

I considered not making one (because I had to relearn iMovie from the last time I used it…;..and was running out of time) but then I remembered how much my kids watch the past Halloween Costume movies that I have made.? So, I hurried and put it together.? Which I’;m so glad I did…;…;because I now remember that it’;s my favorite part too!

So, turn up that sound, make the screen large, and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!!

-Ashley (and the little ‘;Tangled’; crew)

While Fall isn’t quite here, we’re planners here at Ballard Designs, and we like to start thinking about our seasonal decor a little early. The fireplace mantel is a traditional space decorated for the seasons, so we thought we’d try our hand styling this space for Fall.

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