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Turning our attention to dining rooms, we take a look at the different styles of white dining rooms and how you can achieve the look in your home by employing some basic interior design principles, along with some clever planning.

It has to be said that traditional dining rooms are very rarely entirely white. They may have white elements such as fresh, crisp white table linen or some accessories but for the most part they lean more towards creams and beige rather than white. Howeverrustic pillows for couch, traditional cottages do have white dining rooms, which stems back to the days when cottages walls were white-washed or limed-washed.

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This was carried out annually as an effective way to freshen up homes where live stock had shared homes to stave of sub-zero temperatures and the risk of livestock falling prey to harsh winters and subsequent risk of death Of course today country cottages don't have livestock inside at any time of the year – but dining rooms are being renovated and being given licks of white paint to return these delightful homes to days gone by. Wooden tables, chairs, thick full length white curtains and rustic accessories are bang on-trend as small cottages have become very ('des-res') desirable residences, commanding high resale prices.

Modern interiors in stark contrast to traditional design do use plenty of white. This enables retro furniture such as white tables and chairs made from plastic and other mass produced furniture to be used and teamed up with an accent colour to give it a modern look. Large rugs are placed under the table and should be sufficiently large enough to accommodate the chairs as well. By rule of thumb you should allow for a minimum of 12” around the tables and tucked-in chairs. This is sufficient room for the chairs to be pulled out and sat upon while still remaining within the parameters of the rug.

White and more white dominated contemporary dining rooms. Bold accents, such as red, blue or teal are used to make a lasting impression. Again floors have large rugs placed under the table, while large windows are dressed with practical and functional vertical blinds which can be stacked back to expose large patio doors or sliding glass panels which lead onto the patio or decked area of the garden. High value homes see patios replaced with swimming pools or outside rooms which merge into the interior to make it look and feel as if the dining room is an extension of the garden.

You don't have to have a bed-frame to create a stunning looking bedroom! Bed-frames can be expensive and if you're not sure of the type or style, (or don't have any spare cash) to suit your room then simply pop your mattress on the floor and use a mix of calming blue colours, patterns and prints on bedding and of the wall behind the head of the bed to make a stunning focal point in the room.

From the 12th – 15th April designers from around the globe will give us the best of their designs. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome designs that have already made their mark on the design world this year.