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Decorative painting of wood floors has become extremely popular over the past few years. Painting offers an inexpensive, fast way to cover up a wood floor that may need work. It offers a number of interesting decorating options for formal and informal rooms. And, while it might be a bit of a mess to undo and go back to natural wood, it is definitely worth the effort as the result can often be stunning. Included below are the basic steps to taking artistic license with your wood floor.

Before you run for the brushes you must first ready your floor. The secret to any quality paint job is proper surface preparation. Basic preparation steps include washing thoroughly to remove grease and dirt, scraping or sanding to smooth the surface and remove any previous finishesrustic pillows for couch, and finally priming.

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Obviously some of the preparation work will depend on the type of finish your floor already has. If you're painting over an already painted floor, for instance, all that may be needed is a thorough washing and vacuuming to remove any loose paint and dust.

A bare wood floor will need to be sanded and primed, while a varnished floor will need to be sanded to remove gloss, primed and then painted.

When you are ready to paint your floor make sure you have a very clear idea of what it is you are trying to create in terms of style and period. Geometric designs are the most popular and also the simplest to create as they are generally made up of a repeated pattern of straight lines which makes it very easy to mark out with pencil or tape. One really popular and versatile pattern people are using for halls and formal rooms is a classic black and white checkerboard.

Extremely simple to create and full of visual impact, a checkerboard pattern will add real life to any room and can be adapted to suit any style or colour scheme. This style of flooring can be used to great effect in a monotone setting when used in conjunction with other items such as black and white photography used as wall art or black wooden blinds which create stark contrast to the bright daylight outside.

If this doesn’t appeal, get some inspiration by looking through your favorite design magazines, tearing out pages containing patterns, color combinations, wallpapers, tiles and fabric patterns you like. Keep them in a box or binder and review. You might also look on the internet for wallpaper manufacturers you like and print out the samples of their paper patterns in various color combinations.

Better still, look around your rooms at the existing décor and pick out pattern repetitions you like in tiles, wallpapers or corner mouldings. This will make it really easy to fit your painted floor into your scheme whilst also ensuring some individuality.

Painting your own floor design can be a fun weekend or a meticulous labour of love, strung out over months- it all depends on the style you choose. The most vital thing to remember though is not to think too hard or too long or get bogged down by the details- you can always paint over any mistakes, what it much more important is that you create the desired feel for your rooms.

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