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I took a chance and ordered a sleek traveler’;s notebook in an “;oops”; sale. When I got the notebook the cover had some minor damage to it. I decided I would re-do the cover using a piece of the Mixed Media Origins paper and really make this a notebook that I would like to carry with me and use.

I am?Lynda Lindley?and I’;m sharing the notebook coverup process with you below.

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I love this paper and thought it would make a beautiful cover. The paper itself if flexible and soft making it the perfect choice to use for a book cover. I love how well the paper took the colors of the markers and how the saturated colors really make the images seem so real on the paper.

My “;oops”; notebook is now a keeper!!

To upcycle her notebook cover, Lynda used:Tattered Angels?Mixed Media Origins –; Bloomsvarious Copic markers sandpaper,?liquid adhesive (Mod Podge) foam brushrustic pillows for couch,?scissors,?pencil

Chose the marker colors you want to use and color the flowers.I picked various shades of pink.

Using markers, color the butterfly –; mine is orange/brown.

Trim the paper down to just a bit bigger than the notebook size. Use sand paper and rough the surface of the notebook. Apply the liquid glue to the entire notebook surface and the paper back.

Carefully align the paper onto the notebook.Use a heavy object to hold the paper tight against the notebook as it dries.Once it is dry, trim away the extra paper.

Add the straps back to the notebook to finish it off.

As you can see, it was an extremely easy job! And the result –; amazing!Now, my traveler’;s notebook looks like new and, guess what…; not many people will have a cover like mine!It’;s a winner!!!

Happy crafting!

Lynda Lindley

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