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The easiest and plentiful items to find in most thrift stores are accessories. Spend your time searching through a huge array of glass, ceramic, metal, porcelain and plastic vases from across the decades to find a piece to suit your home at a fraction of the store costs. These more vintage pieces can work particularly well when teamed with a very contemporary piece to create an edgy and quirky look.

Alongside this you will also find collections of old painted pictures and prints. If you are lucky enough to find one that complements your design scheme then great: if not, why not use the frame or print and reuse in a contemporary or more complementary way. Furthermorerustic pillows for couch, to create an eclectic almost bohemian finish; why not buy a selection of different style and sized frames. Hang these on one wall in a free flowing way to create a charming feature to display pictures of your family, friends or travelling. Furthermore, why not consider framing wallpaper or wrapping paper in complementary patterns to your room for a more novel look.

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Thrift stores are also fabulous places for finding more individual and unique items such as small glasses ideal for shorts or fruit juice and old oil lamps, advertising posters, telephones and scatter cushions. Don’t be scared of teaming these items with more contemporary or different style pieces. The mish-mash finish is charming, full of character and interesting to the eye. To avoid making your room too chintzy however do keep the rest of your décor relatively plain.

Finally, thrift stores are also great places to find classic pieces of furniture. Consider beautiful stained glass fire guards, storage ottomans, a dressing screen or armchair. The charm and rustic finish of these pieces is priceless and will be sure to add some depth to your design. Furthermore, get hands on and purchase items that with a sand down, lick of paint and change of door knobs will be a fabulous addition to your home. Furthermore, because of the discounted price of these items, why not experiment with mosaics, stencilling, decoupage and hand painted patterns. These pieces should be fun, novel and unique to act as a beautiful yet understated talking point within your home.

Note: ?A great guest post from another member of the Carousel Designs family, Suzanne Abbot!

Hello my Hot Mess Mommy friends. Ever feel like little girls get all the cute dresses? Well, now it’s your turn. I fell in love with this native-american-esque print gauze forever ago and finally decided to just cut into it. It’s a simple v-neck shirred waist dress, flattering because: ?V-necks take the attention away from your giant post-baby boobs, and a shirred waist is never too tight and can be placed at your skinniest part (flabby baby belly=hidden). ?You can totally make this.If you need to get your bearings for shirring with elastic thread check out the Simple Shirred Summer Dress pattern and the Smocked Sundress pattern, then come back here for the full tutorial on sewing yourself The Most Flattering Shirt Dress after the jump…The Most Flattering Shirt Dress

It’s a cruel fact of life: Your belly is going to expand but the waistband of your pants won't. In the first trimester you are going to rapidly gain baby weight and that can lead to all kinds of problems. This is where belly bands can help, so read on to find out what the best belly band is!