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Tomorrow we are setting off on a bit of an adventure. We are driving up to the coast of Wales and getting a small boat (weather- and sea-permitting) over to a tiny island with just 12 houses and no electricity. Kind of camping, but with a warm bed and rainproofing.?

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It seems like a good chance to have a digital detox. Though it’;s strange that we have to go to such lengths to just get away from the constant pull of social media and emails, we’;re hoping it’;s a positive experience. Instead of snapping pictures we intend to slow right down and really pay attention to what’;s around us. The island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary and although we don’;t know our terns from our wheateatersrustic pillows for couch, it’;ll be lovely to get to know more about the local wildlife.?

As well as slowing down and (hopefully) relaxing, it will be interesting to see what effect not having access to phones and the internet will have on us. Will we sleep better? Will we feel we’;re missing out, or feel relieved to be away from the bombardment of images and messages? Will getting ‘;back to nature’; be as idyllic as it sounds? We’;ll let you know!

Here’;s our packing list for an off-grid vacation:

We’;re interested to know if you take time out from the digital world, and if you do, how it affects you and your family. Do you have a screen-free day each week perhaps? Or do you take off into the hills away from wi-fi signals and phone calls? How do your children cope with not having access to the internet (full disclosure: two teenagers refused to come on this trip for that very reason…;)? When you get back to ‘;normal’; life after a digital detox, does it change how you interact with and use your gadgets??

We will let you know how we get on – see you on the other side!

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